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Relax! Go with the flow.

It's been one of those weeks. Things simply did not go as I had planned. I felt my fingers in one of those ancient Chinese Finger Traps. You know those little tubes you put your two index fingers in and pull as hard as possible to get your finger out? But the harder you pull, the more impossible it becomes.

We all know that the less you try, the easier it is to get your fingers out. That finger trap is a metaphor for life that can apply to everything we do. If we relax and go with the flow, we will be happier and healthier and increase the odds of living longer.

So this week, I have been pushing and pulling on a Daily Dose project that keeps taking different shapes and forms. And once I stopped that push-pull fight, a phrase from the 1785 poem To A Mouse, by Robert Burns kept playing in my mind:

The best laid schemes of mice and men

Go often awry,

And leave us nothing but grief and pain,

For promised joy!

This poem, too, is a metaphor for life: always a little unpredictable, always going a little astray. I realized my plan for this week's Daily Dose was much more complicated than I had hoped. And no matter how hard I planned and tried, The Farther I was Going, The More Lost I Was Becoming.

So I have moved that particular Daily Dose off to next week, on which I was genuinely pushing and pulling. It is worth the wait!

These different feelings I had this week touch on some essential Bluerisa topics:

  • What to do with that constant push and pull conflict?

  • How difficult it is to change plans, change direction, to see life differently.

  • And how detrimental it can be to our long, healthy, happy lives if we are lost and can not figure out which path to take.

I look forward to working together to ensure these traits don't distract us from our goal of a happier, healthier, more productive, and more creative life.

See you next week,

Your friend and fellow Bluerisa traveler,

Mark Block


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