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Mark Block, aka Mr. BLUERISA


Mark has always been enthusiastic about his vision of a long, healthy, happy life. And his life has proved that this vision can be a reality. Mark launched BLUERISA to help others feel and enjoy that same passion and to live that life.

And this long, happy, healthy life is about balancing fitness, nutrition, and overall happiness. These three aspects of life are the three pillars of BLUERISA, and it is on these three pillars that Mark has always been and continues to focus on his life.

He was on his first swim team in High School and rode his first 100-mile bike ride when not swimming. Mark is a triathlete, having participated in numerous Sprint, Olympic, Half and Ironman triathlons, and individual Swimming, Biking, and Running events.

As a certified American College of Sports Medicine, United States Masters Swimming, and United States of America Swimming coach and trainer, Mark's clients range in ability from beginners to advanced individual and multi-sport athletes.


I have coached clients at all fitness levels, each with different requirements and needs. Specific areas of expertise include:


  • preparing for and recovering from a Cystectomy (bladder removal),

  • living with Tibial hemimelia, a rare congenital lower limb deficiency,

  • Revamping current training to promote pain and injury-free movement.

  • Technique focused on promoting pain and injury-free running, swimming, and cycling training.

  • Cross-training to encourage a mix of cardio, endurance, strength, and weight-bearing exercises.

  • In-home, minimal equipment required, exercise planning.

Mark is an organic farmer at heart, a hobby that feeds his nutritious lifestyle. While in Napa, California, he spent ten years helping convert Jacobsen Orchards from an overgrown fruit orchard to a certified organic farm providing produce to some of the most famous restaurants in the country. The focus of BLUERISA will be to help others create their own organic, nutritious life.

And Mark's ability to find happiness in even the most superficial aspects of life is the basis for his ability to turn the lemons of life into lemonade.

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