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Your Guide to Health and Happiness

Bluerisa is a knowledge base supporting and integrating the best nutrition, fitness, and happiness habits into your life, communicated through a blog, a podcast, live lectures, and a newsletter.

Bluerisa utilizes interviews of experts in all health and longevity-related fields of knowledge. It interprets the diverse literature, scientific data, and studies and translates them into actions to help you achieve your healthiest, happiest life.

The Bluerisa audience has read books and blogs, listened to podcasts and lectures. They have tried to make changes in their nutrition, fitness, daily habits, and happiness routines to create that life of longevity.

As Yoda says, "Do. Or do not. There is no try." People are drawn to Bluerisa because they want to go beyond the talk, theories, and great ideas they hear daily. They want to 'Do' and not ‘Try’.

Bluerisa is for people who want to achieve their health and happiness at a more approachable personal and human level. They want to be part of and contribute to a community of like-minded people and put great health ideas into practice.

The primary focuses of Blueirsa are on nutrition and fitness and the several dimensions of happiness.

Good Nutrition habits help avoid preventable diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Fitness will become an integral part of your life, keeping your body and mind in the best shape possible. And happiness will put a smile of gratitude and appreciation on your face to shine as a beacon of light for others to follow.

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