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Do you know we all have blind spots?

I have asked my readers to change their selfies and show themselves as others see them. One of my readers humbly suggested this is not possible. We can only see through our minds-eye. We can not see ourselves as others do.

And while on the surface be true, consider this:

  • Our lives are full of blind spots. Spots that only others can see.

  • Learning what those blind spots are, what others see there, and what you can do about them gives you a distinct advantage in life.

  • Understanding these blind spots will help you communicate and inspire and motivate you.

Try to take your next selfie from one of your blind spots. You may not like what you see, but you may learn wonderful new things about yourself, as will others.

And like the queen in Alice in Wonderland, you might start to "believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

How about you think of one new impossible thing? That would be an actual start!

I am certainly going to keep an eye on my blind spots!

You fellow Bluerisa traveler,

Mark Block

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