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The Cost of Good Posture

by Mark Block

I have always believed good posture was free. But not having good posture is where the substantial cost is: Spinal deformation, breathing problems, poor circulation, nerve pain, heartburn, slow digestion, constipation, incontinence, and many more. (1) It is on these issues that you get your 100% savings with good posture.

To put posture into perspective, it is an essential connection we all share. It is that ever-important first impression. Posture can make or break our daily routines; it is constant, a common denominator. It is part of gardening, swimming, running, cycling, dancing, or just taking a walk. Your posture is the backbone of everything you do.

And posture is an integral part of the Bluerisa lifelong journey to a healthy, happy life.

But good posture must be a habit. It is a habit that can be learned and used every day in our lives.

So if good posture is free, and it's true how important it is to our lives, why is it such a difficult habit to create and maintain? Is it because we look down at our phones all day or because we sit in chairs designed to promote the worst possible posture? Perhaps we are just lazy. Or could it be that we are taught posture in very complicated terms, and we give up? It most likely is a combination of these and many other bad habits.

So how DO we achieve great posture and make it a habit?

First, we need to understand that posture is an attitude and awareness. Posture is a feeling, a sense of who you are. And second, and most importantly, you must want it, and you MUST practice it.

I have put together four simple introduction videos to prove the simplicity of posture. Please take a look at the below videos and see if this simple technique works for you.

But remember, good posture is a lifelong endeavor, and these videos are just the beginning.

I will continue to build on these videos, so please stick with me as we make good posture a constant in your continued healthy, happy life.

Your Friend,

Mark Block

aka: Mr. Bluerisa

Change Your Posture

Let's take a video of yourself walking. You will also take the same video after you have practiced the exercises in the below three videos.

Posture Video 2: Simple posture

It is simple to lift your body off the ground.

Your head, your shoulders, your body should simply relax.

Always walk with swagger. Its your confidence, your presence. It what shows off your fantastic new posture.

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