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So what should we eat late at night?

l will not back-peddle on my argument that eating late is bad for our health. But when we eat late (not too often, please), given the choices in front of us, it is essential to know your choice. Almost every dining menu has that tasty, late-night-friendly choice. Regardless of your diet restrictions, it's a matter of knowing how to find them.

You are looking for menu options that will not interfere with the quality of your sleep. Once you know what you are looking for, making the right choice is not as difficult as you think!

I am sure many of you know those foods that promote sleep and those that do not. But just in case you are curious, here are some lists to help you out:

  1. Foods that are known to promote sleep,

  2. Foods (to avoid) that are known to interfere with sleep,

Let's talk about coffee (or caffeine) and alcohol for a minute. Coffee has many health benefits, and alcohol, by the way, does not. There is a direct relationship between caffeine and sleep, so you must watch your consumption of both. Caffeine can negatively affect sleep time, efficiency, and satisfaction levels. Most of us know our coffee/caffeine limits. If you don't, pay attention the next time you drink caffeine after 9 pm. (or eat, I'm talkin' afragatto! YUM)

Now that you know what is good and bad for late-night eating, here is a little project for you. Please check out this restaurant's menu. It is from a restaurant where I recently ate. From this menu, what would you order for your late-night dinner? In our next Daily Dose, I will tell you what I picked, and we can compare. And PS: sharing any part or all of the meal is acceptable!

I look forward to sharing our dinner orders.

And in all meals, especially late at night, eat slow, eat small, enjoy, and DO NOT OVEREAT. Leave the table a little hungry. You will thank me later.

As Carlo Petrini says: Slow Food unites the pleasure of food with responsibility, sustainability, and harmony with nature.

Your friend and fellow Bluerisa traveler,

Mark Block


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