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BLUERISA, a general wellness online business/program, motivates and guides people to live a long, healthy, happy life.

BLUERISA does this by coordinating Fitness, Nutrition, and General Wellness (Happiness) through a podcast,

email newsletter, blog, and webinars. 


by Mark Block

Dedicated to People Who Rise and Shine every day
Thinking about Life.

Asking the questions
“How can I have a long life of Health and Happiness?”
Providing ideas
“What can I do today to accomplish that life?”


Inspired by People, Powered by Ideas

Sort through and compare the gels, the power bars, the hydration drinks, and the powders and know what is best for you. Read more!

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The podcast to provoke, educate, inspire, and empower you to discover and achieve your long healthy life.



The Blog and Email Newsletter that keeps you up with the latest longevity topics and news of the week.

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