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LifesFitness Swimming

Swimming is the most technical and difficult of the three Triathlon sports. The fear of not getting enough breath, the panic, the fear of drowning and the focus on technique all make mastering swimming that much more difficult. But swimming is equally rewarding and by nature is one of the best activities for healing and stress release. LIFESFITNESS will explore the benefits of swimming while we build our library of swimming technique and instruction videos to make you the best swimmer you can be.

Could Swimming Be That Fountain of Youth

What is the Fountain of Youth? People continue, as they have for centuries, to seek magical ways to preserve their youth, and try to find that mysterious potent. National Geographic defines The Fountain of Youth as “A mythical fountain capable of preserving life”, a legend that has been popular for centuries.


Mark Twain that noted "life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of 80 and gradually approach 18."  And National Geographic shows that Twain's quip was only one of many complaints about aging that have been recorded for as long as humans have dreaded the downside of a long life. The ancient Greek poet Homer called old age "loathsome," and William Shakespeare termed it "hideous winter." Oscar Wilde's character Dorian Gray even preserved his youth by aging only in a painting, to hideous effect.

Since modern Science has not been able to figure how to make Mark Twains idea come true, It has been claimed that Swimming is a close as we can get to that Mythical Fountain. Indiana University completed a study in 2004 that stated “researchers found that by regularly swimming 3,500 to 5,000 yards (roughly 2 to 3 miles) three to five times a week, USMS swimmers … postponed the aging process, not only for years but for decades. They found that many of the swimmers delayed this natural decline until the age of 70”.

And although not specifically referring to swimming, The American Collage of Sports Medicine takes this journey into the medical community with their Global Initiative  ‘Exercise Is Medicine ®”. ASCM is working with health care providers around the world to include exercise as an integral part of treatment plans for patients.

Our goal at LifesFitness is to help as many people as we can to know the true meaning of, and to find each ones personal Fountain Of Youth.  We believe that Swimming needs to be an integral part of all workout routines, and that this will enable you to get the most benefit out of your personal fitness goals and aspirations.  This will help you perform at peak performance throughout  your life.

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