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Episode Notes

Ending Procrastination

Podcast References

Madonna, Hung Up, 

Michael Masterson, Ready Fire Aim  

Darron Rouse, PROBLOGGER podcast. Episode 278, 

Today's episode is a message to all of us, to End Procrastination. We all procrastinate, and it keeps us from achieving our dreams and goals. I had to overcome 18 months of procrastination before I was able to launch the BLUERISA Examiner podcast. This podcast are a couple of examples of why it took me so long to make the change and how excited I am to be moving forward.



To start today's podcast, and our BLUERISA journey, I want to share a little story with you.


I could be one of the worst procrastinators. I has taken me 18 months to record today's podcast and put it live. Every time I am about to get started, I find some reason to delay my start. I procrastinate.


About two weeks ago, continuing with my procrastination and took a 4 hour drive to see my mom in Vermont. I was listening to Darren Rowse, who has a podcast called PROBLOGGER. I was listening to his episode 278, which was a live conference recording. I have put a link to that podcast in today's episode notes if you would l like to listen. The message that Darren kept repeating was 'start now, stop procrastinating'. For some reason, Darron's message had a domino effect on me. The cards just fell. I did not turn the car around and head back to my office with my new found desire to move forward. I did go see my mom, and I have since made significant changes,


Here are two relatively minor examples for you. A couple of months ago, I needed to find a new microphone, my rationale forthe purchase was I could not record my podcast without it. Well, there is so much info out there on Microphones, so many confliction views that I got stuck in the chatter and did not order a microphone.


And about three months ago, I decided to move my website from WIX to Wordpress. My website is hosted on WIX, a great program, but not robust enough to handle the growth I am anticipating. My website engineer says to me I need to move to WORDPRESS. So, of course, I figured I would delay my start to get the website moved. Well, that was three months ago, and I am still not converted over.


So there I was, wondering, what was going to be the next reason I can find to procrastinate. 

I have been to lectures on procrastination, I have read books on the subject, Clients of mine procrastinate every day. 


Some years ago, as a practicing Architect SF, I worked on a job in Walnut Creek. Walnut Creek is about a 4o minute drive from San Francisco. During the drive, I would listen to Tony Robbins 'PERSONAL POWER' lecture series, a part of which addressed procrastination.


Not sure how much good it did me. It only took me 30 years to finally get the message. But you know what they say; When the student is ready, the teacher will come.


Well, Darron Rowse's podcast pushed me over the edge. I had such an effect on me, I immediately ordered my microphone, fixed my WIX website, got the WIX podcast player up and running, and here I am today. I am starting. And everything will grow with me, as it is meant to do.


I also just finished reading Michael Masterson's book 'Ready Fire Aim'. Another great source of inspiration to 'Just Do It', start and don't look back. The Apollo space missions did not have everything perfect before they blasted off. The worked through the flight as it moved forward.


Madonna has a song called HUNG UP. It is an appropriate song, with the words "time goes by so slowly, for those who wait. I have put a link to the song in today podcast notes if you want to listen:


So do not wait, time certainly waits for no one. The longer you wait, the more time passes you bye.


I bring these stories up because everything we explore in the BLUERISA EXAMINER PODCAST is about MAKING POSITIVE CHANGES NOW that will affect the rest of our lives. And the longer we wait, the more we procrastinate making real changes, the less likely we are to achieve that Bluerisa goal, that dream of a long healthy life.


And this podcast, the BLUERISA Examiner,


Dedicated to People, like you and me,

 Who Rise and Shine every day

 'Thinking about Life'


Asking the questions

 "How can I have a long life of Health and Happiness."


 Providing ideas and guidance:

 "What can I do today to accomplish that life."



So to my closest friends, in particular to Dr. Peter Jacobsen, I have stopped Procrastinating, because it has been preventing me from launching this podcast and from achieving my own personal healthy, happy life of longevity. Because the longer I procrastinated, the further away I was getting from my goal of launching this program and of living that long, healthy, happy life of longevity.


Now with that said, I need to procrastinate for one more minute,


The name of my program, BLUERISA has a genealogy that I thought you would be interested in. It is BLUE and RISA BLUERISA.

RISE is:

The name of a planet, from the Star Trec Next Generation TV series. It is a planet where anyone from any world can go to and relax, recover, play, and get their life in perspective. 


Blue, there are 5 blue zones in the world

  • Okinawa, Japan.

  • The Italian island of Sardinia.

  • Ikaria, an isolated Greek island.

  • Loma Linda, California.

  • Costa Rica's isolated Nicoya Peninsula.


 So BLUERISA is where you find the highest concentration of people who want to live a long healthy life. It is you, it is your friends, it, me, it is everyone, everywhere that wants the guidance, the knowledge, that want to be part of a community that is committed to achieving that long healthy life of longevity.



This BLUERISA journey that I keep referring to revolves around three critical pillars of life, what we will refer to as the BLUERISA pillars of life. They are Fitness, Nutrition, and Happiness. Like a three-legged stool, each must be strong on its own, but, but must work together.


The Bluerisa examiner is talks, discussions; it's the latest longevity news. It helps you make sense of the chatter we are bombarded with every day, it helps you make informed decisions. It is the ideas and guidance, to a long healthy happy life


Her is a sampling of some of the topics and issues I will be looking at:


Our first topic is looking at SLEEP. From what I have studied, and what I have personally experienced, lack of sleep is at epidemic proportions, and without sleep, our bodies can not function properly. It is almost impossible to live that BLUERISA dream of a long, healthy life sleep deprived.


We will be exploring Nutrition, the food we eat, our diets. My favorite phrase, you are what you eat. I can not be more accurate than it is today. A long healthy life is directly impacted by what we eat. Nutrition, one of the BLUERISA three pillars of life, in itself is a life's journey, so please follow BLUERISA as we unfold our journey on Nutrition.


And I am starting a blog on over the counter sports nutrition products. Have you ever gone into a store to buy a health cookie or a sports drink, and you can not figure out what to buy, what is right for you. We are going to work together to solve that puzzle.


 We will be looking at all aspects of physical exercise.


I will be making a comparison between running, biking, swimming, walking, what are the similarities, the common threads. How can you do these pain-free so you can continue your passion and make it part of our journey..


I am an Ironman triathlete, and I know how important this understanding is as we look forward to a long healthy life.


We are going to demystify posture. Posture is a common thread in everything physical we do. It is your swagger and your message to the world. Your posture keeps you aligned, standing straight. It is one of the best attitude adjusters.


And how about keeping alive or rekindling your creativity. Without creativity, life becomes stagnant, it loses much of its forward momentum.


How can we create or enhance our wellbeing and happiness? Our relationships, our interactions, everyone and everything around us.


Might One way to personal happiness be through dance? I was a competitive ballroom dancer for a period in my life. It is social, it is exercise, it is creative, it is fun, and we can do it forever. One of my upcoming podcasts is called Dancing For Life. I hope you will stick around as that unfolds.


Could this personal happiness be through gardening? Gardening is part of all three pillars. For a time, I was a farmer and still am (you know what they say, once a farmer, always a farmer). So when I need to ground myself, to get back to nature, I like to work in the dirt. I am currently living in New York City, but I travel back to California a few times per year to work on the farm that I spent ten years converting it to organic and making it a producing farm. I will be starting a gardening podcast to teach urban gardening. Beginning with the theme, 'have you ever grown your own tomato." I do believe gardening, that keeping your hands in the dirt, can be a key to a long healthy life.


So you can see, I have so much I what to share with you. So many things that I know will help you with your BLUERISA journey. I hope you will join me as I stop procrastinating and embark on our BLUERISA dream of a long healthy life.


If you have any comments on the subjects I have mentioned, or a topic you would like me to talk about on the podcast, or just a general comment, you can always email me directly at


There is a transcript of today's podcast on , where you can find the podcast notes and a summary of the above talking points.


In my next podcast, I will be talking with Dr Peter Jacobson. We will have a little further discussion of the BLUERISA journey. Peter is a life long friend of mine and a specialist in living a long healthy life. It was on Peters farm in Napa California where I got my farming legs, and where this BLUERISA journey started to take shape.


That podcast is live. I hope you will listen to as soon as you have the time.


So I look forward to talking with you again in episode 1 of the BLUERISA EXAMINER as we start our BLUERISA journey.


Thanks for listening today.

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