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A proactive verses reactive life.

Our life is always either reactive or proactive. When is it best to be one or the other?

We are reactive every day as we respond to life as it unfolds in front of us. We are proactive as we plan and live to minimize and even avoid those reactions.

That is especially true when it comes to our health and happiness.

We proactively eat well to keep our bodies nourished and alive. We are reactive when we go on a diet to lose weight (because we were not proactive in our eating).

We proactively exercise to stay fit. We are reactive if we exercise because we have been diagnosed with maybe a heart condition (which most likely could have been proactively prevented).

The world's longest-lived people live that long because they proactively live a healthy lifestyle. They are not living in a social algorithm, and their selfies radiate richness in soul and spirit. The boxes they live in are always active and changing, full of friendship and love.

If we stop reacting and always be proactive, we too can be among the happiest, healthiest, and longest-lived.

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